Courage is the fuel

Self-doubt is common, but not helpful. When it shows up in our thoughts it overpowers our beliefs and makes us a non-believer. When the inevitable tough time arrives we often can’t see how it is possible to move forward. Fear and doubt keep us stuck in a rut. There are fears and doubts we speak of and those we don’t. Those we don’t acknowledge are often the ones that keep us awake at night and give us the greatest pain. If action is the vehicle to move us forward, courage is the fuel needed to drive us from a difficult to a desired destination. But the non-believer is without this fuel, is riddled with fear and doubt and becomes immobile.

The non-believer can be paralysed by:
• fear of failure — what if I don’t make it?
• fear of rejection — what will others think?
• fear of success — am I good enough?

The non-believer is a pessimist. As Winston Churchill said, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Self-doubt and negative thoughts hold the non-believer back from finding fulfilment as they hesitate to see a better future. Distrust and lack of belief in themselves and others keeps them in a state of caution and indecision. The surest way to manage uncertainty is to move forward and take action, despite our negative mindset. If the non-believer chooses to face their fears this can become their greatest salvation — a tipping point to a brighter possibility.

It takes courage.

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Christina Joy