Build a better relationship with non-believers

Sometimes we can wrongly identify non-believers. We can be too quick to judge others through their words or actions or through lack of words or inaction. We label them as a non-believer when in fact with a little bit of understanding and effort we can build better relationships with those who we thought were non-believers.

Have you ever complained that something is missing in your life? Do you feel that you are not receiving what you want or what you believe you deserve? Or that someone has been ungrateful, disrespectful, disloyal, unkind, unloving or unaffectionate? Of course — we all have. We might call these people non-believers.

But the fact is that it is important to be aware that most often what you are receiving actually parallels what you are giving. Don’t expect to receive anything that you are not prepared to give yourself. Or to put it another way — expect back what you give out.

First give what you want to receive:

  • To receive gratitude, first give gratitude.
  • To receive respect, first be respectful.
  • To receive loyalty, first be loyal.
  • To receive kindness, first show kindness.
  • To receive love, first give love.

And the converse:

  • To receive no gratitude, be ungrateful.
  • To receive no respect, be disrespectful.
  • To receive no loyalty, be disloyal.
  • To receive no kindness, be unkind.
  • To receive no love and affection, be unloving and unaffectionate.

So if you don’t like what you are receiving — consider that it might just be a reflection of what you are giving. Give nothing — get nothing. Give the bad stuff — get back the bad stuff. But give the good stuff — get back the good stuff!

So be sure to give what you want to receive!

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