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Chances are you are getting ready for an extraordinary new year ahead. Me too! But before leaping forward, don’t miss a crucial step taken by the highly successful – those currently celebrating the year just gone. As one year closes, it’s time to reflect on what has past as this is where little clues lie that have a BIG impact on making next year one worth remembering.

Reflect on your last twelve months – how did you go with your health, relationships and wealth creation? Which areas did you rock and which need more attention? Write some notes, draw a mind map or create a slide show on the year that was – reflect on the good, the not so good and all that went in between. Ask yourself where did you invest your:


What makes a BIG impact is how we use the little clues from the past to guide us on our journey. We need to take responsibility and be active by celebrating what worked and acknowledging what didn’t. This helps us know where to invest ourselves for success in 2018. Using this formula we can create a destination of choice and not let time and opportunities pass us by.

Success does leave clues for those who reflect and learn from the past to invest in their future. You can choose to be clued in or clueless!

In the work I do as a mentor in the transformational Leading Women Programs we begin the year by asking, “What are the clues from 2017?” Then, “Are you invested in an extraordinary year ahead?”

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Christina Joy