Be dependable

One of the major components to success is our ability to deliver on the promises we make – to do what we said we were going to.

A good question to ask yourself – when you say you will do something do you deliver on that promise? And, do you deliver it when you said you would? If not, the reasons or excuses actually become irrelevant, as we are at risk of being seen as unreliable and untrustworthy which is not good for our success story.

Over the last few decades in business I’ve worked on the principle of under promise and over deliver in relationships. Back in my real estate days we focused on delighting clients with more value than they expected. This helped us to earn our title as one of the most profitable offices in our group. Delivering on promises delivers on the bottom line too. Be dependable and you will get asked more often.

The under promise and over deliver model can work in any business and across any relationship. The only piece of the puzzle missing is you – you being aware of what you commit to and following this through.

Not delivering on promises handballs your business to others. You can…
Let them down once and you may be forgiven.
Let them down twice and you may get one more chance.
Let them down often and you lose.

It’s simple – be dependable or be replaceable.

Deliver on the promises you make or stop making promises.

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Christina Joy