An unstoppable life force

There is no easy way to reach greater purpose and fulfilment, but finding your why brings fewer bumps in the road and more enjoyable scenery. Without having your why and what aligned and without the powers of belief, conviction and commitment to drive you, your travels may lead to a dead end.

For many, the first question is how? How do we create a picture of extraordinary business and life success? But is how really the first question? How is actually the second question. The first question should be why? Because having a compelling reason — having clarity around what you love, what you treasure and what is most important to you — is a massive step towards living a meaningful life. Our true values become our why. Once you have your why it’s about living that — making sure your why and your what are aligned.

Have you ever lost the connection between your why and the what? When life is good they are all in alignment running in parallel paths. When there is a connection life rocks. But when your why separates from your what — when what you are doing and why you are doing it separate — then problems appear. Have you ever had them separate? It’s pretty painful when they do.

Living with greater purpose and fulfilment is about keeping the why and what aligned. For True Believers a strong why is like a force of nature — an unstoppable life force!

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Christina Joy