1. A smile

Have you ever walked along and had a stranger smile at you? We think: “Do I know them?”, “Why are they smiling at me?”, “I didn’t smile back, maybe I should have!” A smile we receive makes us feel good.

An authentic smile radiates warmth that says we are open. I have known a smile to repair strained marriages, create new relationships and turn average working relationships into strong ones — bonding over a simple smile.

When we smile at someone we are seen as:
• more approachable and open to communication
• more attractive and likeable
• more sociable.

2. A kind word

Sometimes the tension between two people is so strong that meaningful communication has ceased. A kind word shows an openness to communicate and that you care. There is always something kind to say.

3. A caring ear

It’s time to listen. A caring ear demonstrates a willingness to hear another point of view. If we want to be understood, we need first to understand.

It takes one person to decide to ‘break the ice’, and there is no better way than a smile, a kind word or a caring ear — it may even change the world.

But it must first start with you.

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All! ®

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Christina Joy