A clear vision

Planning is important – essential to move us from Point A to Point B. A problem occurs when we make plans, decide what we want but never get to our destination. So what’s the secret? The secret is traction — traction is the key to getting to Point B. And the way to get traction is to have a clear vision.

A clear vision keeps you focused on your destination — gaining momentum all the way. We still doubt at times that we are on the right path however the trick is not to let this doubt reduce your traction.

When I left my 12-year career in real estate in 2011, I put my head down and did the work needed to establish my new career as a leader in transformation. On this new path I did question if the direction I was going in was the right one. The road seems longer when it’s untravelled and that can make it hard to find traction. I focused on gaining momentum quickly so that self-doubt wouldn’t paralyse me. And I appointed the best True Believers tribe to guide and support me.

When we have a clear vision of what the road ahead will look like it doesn’t mean we are familiar with all the winding sections along the way. But making sure you have a good GPS is paramount for gaining traction.

A clear vision is like your GPS – the secret to traction!

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Christina Joy