When the Non-believer appears

On the journey to success we can find it a lot harder if we try to push forward as a Non-believer. Attempting to live life as a Non-believer is like running with a pair of poor quality running shoes — they will only get you so far. But how do you move forward when self-doubt takes hold and when the Non-believer in you appears? And how do you identify if you are a Non-believer?

Sometimes it is difficult to realise that you are a Non-believer — we can be:

– unaware
– in denial
– caught up in the drama.

Let’s look at the characteristics of a Non-believer so that we can:

– identify the Non-believer in our self and know what to do next
– identify the Non-believer in others and know what to do next

True Believer v non-believer model .001

So there are key differences between a True Believer and a Non-believer. When the Non-believer appears the first step is to find clarity around what you value, what you love, what you treasure and what is most important to you. When we are focused on what we truly value we have motivation and energy – a massive step towards living a meaningful life as a True Believer.

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Christina Joy