Cringe at excuses

I have a declaration to make – I cringe at excuses – my excuses and those of others! I’ve seen how making excuses can adversely affect life. When we make excuses we are saying that we are not responsible and that someone or something else is. I’m big on taking responsibility and I cringe at excuses — and I think you should too.

For the record, my second biggest cringe is indecision — because both excuses and indecision are the two biggest deal breakers when it comes to creating your own success masterpiece.

Most people strive to create a better life and although we know what action needs to be taken, sometimes we make excuses to avoid making decisions and do what needs to be done.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I have to wait until…
  • I just don’t feel like it…
  • I’m too tired….
  • I don’t have the tools to…
  • It’s not my fault….
  • It’s not my problem….
  • I don’t have time…..

Nothing identifies a mediocre person more quickly than excuses. Successful people strive towards a result without excuses.

When we stop making excuses we start taking responsibility and we get results. Because responsibility is the foundation of success, when we are intolerant of excuses we build a strong and stable platform on which to secure success. When it comes to delivering on the promises we make there is no room for making excuses.

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Christina Joy