Live a life that matters

I’m a believer that anything’s possible. I actually think that your life is like a blank canvas and if you want to bridge the gap between the life you have and the life you want you need to paint your own masterpiece.

The first step is to review your life now – this helps determine your future success. Here are some things we need to review regularly:

* What’s working well?

* What am I proud of?

* What isn’t going to plan and why?

* What can I do differently?

* What does living a life that matters look like?

Equipped with these answers we have an opportunity to work on our canvas and create a new picture. You must ask yourself, “Am I going to be active or passive about my life?”  If you are active about your decision-making and purposeful about where you are going you will have momentum and a clear direction. But as you begin to create the life you choose there are lots of people who will tell you that:

* You can’t

* You won’t

* You shouldn’t

But the bottom line is that you have to be a True Believer in the life you want to create. You should also surround yourself with other True Believers. It’s your frame, you can own it and true belief is how you create it. Take the time to create your own work of art — your own life masterpiece — a life that really matters.

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy