Wishful Thinking!

Wanting something and then making it a reality will dramatically transform both your personal and professional life. The habit of deciding on, planning for and receiving what you want can mean the difference between a mediocre life or the greatest, most fulfilled life. But wishful thinking alone is not enough.

These three steps can assist to make your dream a reality:

  1. Decide what you really want
  2. Plan how you are going to get there
  3. Stay focused and persist until you arrive.

And although that may sound simple, in theory it takes the right mindset too. There are thousands of decisions made each day – imagine the impact on your success if our attitude sabotages our decisions.

It’s important to say, how can I by focusing on what we want, rather than saying, this is why I can’t and focusing on everything from the past and excuses that paralyse the action required to get going. It’s about making the best choice – which doesn’t include making no choice! Often we unconsciously default to a why I can’t – a habit that prevents success.

If you decide to remain wishful in your thinking, to take no action, you can expect, in 12 months time, your life to be the same as it is today.

An extraordinary life of having awaits you – it lies beyond your wishful thinking, when you ask – how can I?

And then you have to persist with your wish!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All

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Christina Joy