Fulfilment Made Easy!

If getting the things done that matter is the easy road to fulfilment, getting stuck in other people’s business (DRAMA with a capital D!) is the road to a dead end. We can waste a lot of time and energy being in DRAMA and it is one of the biggest productivity killers. There is no doubt that those who focus on what matters achieve the greatest fulfilment.

It takes a few simple steps…

   1. Mind your own business
Getting involved in other people’s business is not helpful. Mind your own business, look ahead and just get on with what is in front. It’s the best view for success.

 2. Stay out of drama
Whether we realise it or not we can go in and out of DRAMA all day – with our thoughts or verbally we can be a persecutor, victim or rescuer. Be aware of when you are in DRAMA and quickly shift your focus to move on.

    3. Do what matters
Many will admit that life is busy and there is not enough time. The key to more time is not wasting time on the things that don’t matter. Rework your time by saying no to low value tasks and yes to high value ones.

I did say it’s simple however it isn’t actually easy. So why did I call this blog Fulfilment Made Easy? That’s because many only look for the easy road. So now I’ve got your attention – fulfilment comes to those who keep it simple and focus! That’s when life gets a lot easier.

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Christina Joy