Cross The Line With A Result!

There is often a period of time, prior to becoming an expert, where it takes a concerted effort to get better before results are realised. Many give up too early often when they are on the verge of reaching a level of expertise that brings great results. Persistence towards the best possible result should be the focus, rather than just finishing – it’s what bridges the gap to a destination of extraordinary results.

Start – Persist – Complete

In real estate, long days are very common. Deals are often made between 5pm and 10pm and on weekends. Demanding careers can be exhausting and even more so if the results are absent at the end of a day.
If we persist with the long hours and the results are still not showing up, we need to assess the effectiveness of our input. Poor results may be due to:

* Not enough knowledge or skill or the right mindset – a quality issue
* Not enough of the right actions – a quantity issue.

It’s not just the hours we put in but the quality within those hours that matter. As expertise increases, combined with persistence, the improved output and results will come. With anything in life, there are choices – we can start, flounder and not finish; we can finish without a result; we can quit before we finish or we can persist.

Persist towards a result not just to finish. Cross the line with a result!

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Christina Joy