They say the difference between your success today and your success in the future are the things you learn and the people you associate with. But I also believe it’s about having a strong WHY – a strong sense of purpose.

Many ask how I maintain such energy, conviction and commitment. I believe that when we have a strong WHY it becomes our driving force that helps us get the things done that matter. And as an Australian and New Zealand Thought Leaders Partner I am driven to help elevate the consciousness on the planet, help clever people to be commercially smart so that they do great things AND to be inspired by the company I keep. I work with people I like, doing the work I like, the way I like. That’s what gives me energy!
Having a strong WHY is like a force of nature – an unstoppable life force. These thoughts by Matt Church – founder of Thought Leaders Global contain pearls of wisdom – powerful lessons on the path to finding a WHY!

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Christina Joy