Holiday homework!

Holidays are a time to stop for a while, relax and have fun. This is when our autopilot, that often gets us through each day, can be turned off. It’s time when we take over the controls and consciously think about what really matters. So here’s something for you to think about – some holiday homework!

What lights you up?

Holidays are a perfect time to answer this question – when you’re in a better mindset to find your truth about what you really want.

The fact is that many strive for fulfillment but it often escapes them. I believe it’s because too many hours are spent doing the things that don’t light us up. Many finish school, spend years studying and then spend decades in a job they don’t like simply because they spent years studying. When on autopilot we rarely question what we do or where we are headed and later discover the truth – that we aren’t actually happy. It’s an all too common life story with much unnecessary turbulence!

Do your holiday homework and list down what’s really important – what lights you up.

When we engage in things that light us up, that are important and give us a sense of purpose and passion, we are more likely to live a life of achievement with fulfilment.

The answers to what lights you up becomes your flight plan for the year ahead. Keep the autopilot turned off – you have the controls!

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Christina Joy