Choose FUN!

A smart way to create the life you want is to find the FUN in the journey. Beyond a serious and sober existence lies a playground of possibility – choose FUN and be chosen more often!

Remember the little you in pre-school days – with play time, eat time and sleep time? Your learning and development was done through play. Fast forward – is playtime still there or a distant memory? Do weeks pass by with no play, fun or laughter?

Faced with a fork in the road and a choice between a “fun road” or “humdrum road” which would you choose? Do you value fun as a way to high achievement and fulfillment?

I value fun, so I wasn’t surprised when a recent values inventory given by The Corporate Anthropologist – Michael Henderson identified some of my top values as

Simplicity/Play: To see simplicity in complexity and take a playful attitude towards organisations and systems that is energising and positive.
Fantasy/Play: To enrich personal worth through fantasy and play.
I do seek fun and playfulness over dull routines. Sure, we can reach high achievement but without finding the FUN, fulfillment may escape you.

As a Thought Leaders Mentor I help clever people be commercially smart. I’m working with people I like, doing work that I like, the way that I like. Now that is a FUN journey with a world of new opportunities and attracting others who seek the same.

Choose FUN and be chosen more often!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy