Reject ‘Fine’!

How many times have you said “I’m fine” to describe how you are going? The “I’m fine” statement and thinking that supports it can encourage us to avoid specific areas that need attention. By looking closely at all areas of our lives we can identify where we are fine and where we are not. There’s a risk that avoiding certain issues by using the “I’m fine” mentality may lead to decline.

Whether you are on a peak with everything going well, in a valley where it’s not or somewhere in between, being aware of what’s really going on is essential. After completing a Fulfillment Survey my clients quickly discover areas that may need attention and importantly those that need to be maintained.

Those who fall from a peak, who thought they were “fine”, often fall when they stop doing what it was that got them there. Problems arise when we get accustomed to the way things are by telling ourselves we are “fine”. Whether we actually believe it or not, we start to settle.

Life goes by so fast and we can sometimes forget who’s in the driver’s seat. It’s important to press pause, take our foot off the accelerator and check in to see what’s going on and, perhaps, update our plan of action. So when someone asks how you’re going, you can swap the “I’m fine” reply with an answer that reflects the hard work you’ve put in to turn a life that was “fine” into a life that’s truly “divine!”

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Christina Joy