What Is Your Direction?

What direction are you headed in? Are you headed somewhere or nowhere in particular?

I speak about goals versus directions. Goals are the small ticks on the way but the direction provides you with focus and purpose. You can fail on a goal but you can’t fail on a direction. When we don’t reach our goals we can feel disappointed and lose momentum. This is why you also need a direction.
When we focus on our directions – no matter what happens, even if at times it’s two steps forward and one step back – we know our intended direction. Many successful people understand and accept that although their destination is clear their journey may take many unexpected turns. When we know our direction we are less likely to give up at the first sign of a bumpy road.

Choose a destination and you’ll find your direction

For many, the things we wish for remain wishes forever. I know from personal experience that really wanting something and making it real dramatically transforms both your personal and professional life. The one habit of setting value-based directions can mean the difference between mediocrity and great fulfillment.
There are three steps to take in order to set your value-based directions.

1. Decide what are your value-based directions and why you want them.
2. Plan how you are going to achieve them.
3. Stay focused and persist until you get to your desired destination.

Choose your destination and keep checking you are on course – this way you will be headed in the right direction and get things done that really matter!

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Christina Joy