Passion For What Matters!

I have the answer to why many start off each new year with the dreams for a better life but finish with no real improvement in their life satisfaction…..

Goal setting is not enough

I’ve been in business for 20 years, accomplished at setting and achieving goals. I helped my team do the same – my expertise with goal setting and achievement took me on stage to teach others. I had great results – a highly productive team, with lots of achievements, high incomes and profits.

On top of this I had time with family and friends and a bit for myself. On paper it all looked perfect. I was satisfied in many areas but something was missing. I was not feeling fulfilled.

Feeling a little disillusioned, I decided to write a list. This was not a list of goals but a “What am I passionate about?” list. This list was different to any I had ever written before. I decided to call this list…

My Life Values

Through this I discovered the secret that had previously escaped me:

*If you want achievement set goals
*If you want achievement and fulfilment set value-based directions.

A life changing exercise

This discovery became the tipping point in my life. I spent six months rewriting my success formula – finding answers to why people struggle and what it takes to have both achievement and fulfilment. I found my passion for what matters.

When you do find your passion, you not only get things done – but you get things done that matter. Find your passion for what matters!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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