Choose a Fresh Canvas!

Celebrate or forget?

So how was the last 12 months? Was it a year to celebrate or to forget or a bit of both? As we wind down it’s important to take time to review the year that was – before launching into the next one. The way we finish each year helps determine next year’s success – it’s like the first coat of our canvas.

Ask yourself… 

What achievements am I proud of and how am I going to celebrate these?
What didn’t go as planned and why – what can I learn to help me?

Choose a fresh canvas

Equipped with these answers it’s time to work on our canvas and create a new picture. The four Ds of achievement and fulfilment help you create success by delivering on the promises you make.


Leave out any one of these D’s and your picture will be incomplete.

For your fresh canvas ask yourself

Am I going to be active or passive about my decision-making? If you are active about your decision-making and purposeful about where you are going you will have a clear destination and momentum. You will arrive at your destination on purpose and not by accident.

Take the time to answer these questions and master the 4 Ds and you will be well on your way to creating a work of art that is your life. This time next year there will be no doubt that you will be celebrating!

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Christina Joy