Month: September 2021

Belief, conviction and commitment

September 30, 2021

All day we strive to get things done, to cross things off the To-Do list and all to be repeated the next day. But have you ever thought about those who turn up daily with unusually high amounts of energy, optimism, self-discipline, persistence and courage? These people think, talk, walk and act differently — they…

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Money is no guarantee for fulfilment

September 21, 2021

Think about those who have financial success and money for all the things they desire. Money certainly does bring some life satisfaction but it is not a guarantee of fulfilment. I’ve come across too many people who have lost sight of what they truly value as a result of chasing the almighty dollar. Many, even those…

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How to drive your Mojo

September 14, 2021

There is no easy way to reach greater purpose and fulfilment, but finding your why, your purpose, brings fewer bumps in the road and more enjoyable scenery. Without having your why and what aligned, and without the powers of belief, conviction and commitment to drive you, your travels may lead to a dead end. And that’s where we lose our…

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Critical tipping points

September 8, 2021

An issue or a series of changes that become significant enough to cause a large impact defines a tipping point. Many in their lives will escape these critical points and remain content without much change. For some though, these tipping points, although often painful, can create the greatest positive transformations. Our lives can be:Uneventful – constant…

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