Month: November 2020

Stop the cover up

November 24, 2020

There’s a major cover-up going on – in homes, workplaces and communities. In many cases the standard of living is going up but, for many, the quality of life is going down. On the treadmill of life, it is often easier and quicker to look for short-term fixes to find relief and numb the pain…

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What smart people do

November 17, 2020

t’s one thing to know a lot – to read, to learn, to have life experiences, but it’s everything to turn that knowledge into getting the things done that matter. Being smart is not so smart if we don’t use that knowledge to take the action to create the life we want. For 12 years,…

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Open to learning

November 10, 2020

Our life satisfaction is greatly influenced by our mindset. Our state of mind, assumptions and beliefs, are a powerful motivator determining our action or inaction. Holding a fixed mindset can close us down to new thinking and to finding solutions. Success lies in our ability to challenge existing ideas, be open to learning and embrace…

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Make a decision

November 3, 2020

Our environment can adversely influence our performance and engagement in life. When something is not serving us, and we cannot remove it or remove ourselves, it’s time to take brave action and limit our exposure. In a poor environment, why do some thrive while others languish? Previously as a leader of a highly profitable real estate office…

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