Month: April 2015

Feel your success

April 28, 2015

Writing down what you want is a powerful and respected success tip, but the words on their own don’t always deliver the desired result. Creating pictures to complement the words are where extraordinary results lie. Success pictures that matter help us to feel success in advance – feeling it in advance is a quality worth…

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Decide what you really want

April 21, 2015

Time away from work or time on your own is the perfect opportunity to take over the controls and consciously think about what really matters. This is when the autopilot that often gets us through each day can be turned off. Deciding what you really want is the path to a successful life. Many strive…

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Reflecting on the past

April 14, 2015

Even though we don’t want to live in or dwell in the past, before leaping forward don’t miss a crucial step taken by the highly successful. It’s time to reflect on the past, as this is where little clues lie that have a big impact on creating memories worth holding on to. What are your…

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It’s about progress

April 7, 2015

Working long hours does not necessarily bring productivity and fulfilment. It’s not the number of hours that matters, it’s what lies within those hours and whether they are filled with growth and progress. I’ve certainly worked my fair share of long hours. However, as a leader, I strived to make each day full of hours…

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