Month: March 2021

Don’t give up

March 24, 2021

Persistence is key to success. Being persistent influences the direction of our lives and keeps us in alignment with our values. Where there is persistence; discipline, courage and resilience exist as well as extraordinary and frequent rewards. Persistence may not result in the desired outcome each and every time – it’s like a muscle and…

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Magnetic leadership

March 16, 2021

When it comes to good leadership getting ourselves ‘right’ to lead is imperative. The wrong person leading has a negative effect on individuals, culture, cripples growth and provides unsustainable outcomes. With the right person leading, the positive effect ripples through to families, business, and communities. It all starts with being the best individual we can…

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Clever people delegate

March 9, 2021

Life is full for most – no arguments there! But why do some find life stressful while others seem to get things done, achieving and living a fulfilled life? The latter know that HAVING IT ALL is not doing it all. This is a key component to success – clever people delegate. It’s important to…

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Your unique contribution

March 2, 2021

Being authentic is a very attractive quality but sharing our true selves can leave us feeling exposed. It takes commitment and courage to be genuine. My advice is to embrace your uniqueness, take a risk, stand out and be the real deal! Why do we hide? For some, it’s easier, safer and more comfortable to…

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