Month: October 2020

Smart wealth

October 27, 2020

Some people look like they have it all – heaps of money, flashy houses, cars and fabulous holidays but we often don’t see what is going on in the background. While it may seem that they have it all they could be going further and further into debt and taking their health and relationships down with them.…

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The answer to weak motivation

October 20, 2020

We strive to get things done, cross off the to do list – to be repeated the next day. Have you ever thought about those who turn up daily with unusually high amounts of energy, optimism, self-discipline, persistence and often courage? These people think, speak and act differently. Their difference is their purpose and this…

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Exposure to life

October 13, 2020

As the clock keeps ticking it is a reminder that time stops for no one. There are a finite number of days left, so make every precious minute count. Don’t play it safe – take a risk, get in the game and create the life you want. It is often fear that keeps us playing…

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Have courage

October 6, 2020

In order to live with belief, conviction and commitment we must have courage. We must have the courage to create our own masterpiece — not the masterpiece others expect of us. It has to be our own frame and it’s never too late to create a new picture. No matter what your age or experience,…

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