Month: February 2020

Play a game of make believe

February 25, 2020

It’s one thing to know what you believe, know what you value and know what’s important, but believers use trust, hope and resilience to manage the constant stream of doubt that potentially weakens their vision. Believers are aware of their current reality and they also use positive delusion to fuel belief until the evidence of success shows…

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Daily gratitude

February 18, 2020

Being grateful is the first step to keeping what you want to keep in your life. If we focus on what we do have at the start of each day, it has an enormously positive impact on our day ahead. Remember, the trick is to begin each day spending a few minutes giving gratitude within minutes after…

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Behind every successful person

February 11, 2020

The story of Helen Keller is well known — she was a respected American author, political activist and lecturer, born in 1880, who became deaf and blind at 19 months old. While Helen Keller’s success is remarkable so too is the story of her teacher, Anne Sullivan. At the age of 21 Anne Sullivan began…

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The power of commitment

February 5, 2020

Commitment is one of the superpowers of True Believers and where we take responsibility for our life, become clear about what we want and work productively until we finish. Commitment is where we consistently deliver on the promises we make to ourselves. When our commitment is weak we are more likely to make excuses, be indecisive, lack…

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