Month: March 2017

A playground of possibility

March 28, 2017

When we are super-focused on a result, sometimes it’s easy to work the fun out it. A smart way to create the life you want is to find the fun in the journey. Beyond a serious and sober existence lies a playground of possibility. Remember those pre-school days — with play time, eat time and sleep time?…

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Focus on the people

March 20, 2017

Once the leader is fit to lead they need to focus attention on the people in their team. They need to find ways to engage them individually and collectively in a shared vision. Then they have to encourage and guide others to work out the most effective way of delivering on the vision. As a…

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True Believer leaders

March 14, 2017

When it comes to good leadership, getting ourselves ‘right’ to lead is imperative. Having the wrong person leading has a negative effect on individuals and culture, cripples growth and provides unsustainable outcomes. With the right person leading, the positive effect ripples through to families, businesses and communities and around the world. It all starts with…

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Pause and check-in

March 7, 2017

The “I’m fine” statement and the thinking that supports it can encourage us to avoid the specific areas that need attention. Problems begin when we hide our truth and numb our pain. In the short-term this cover-up provides some relief, but the long-term effects of anesthetising what’s really going on can be harmful. Fear is…

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