Month: March 2016

Get in the game

March 29, 2016

Time stops for no one — there are a finite number of days left. With that in mind the questions are – are you where you want to be? How prepared are you to take a risk to get in the game and create the life you want? How much of your time is spent…

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The best view

March 22, 2016

As we move towards success there can be any number of distractions. The trick is to know when to look sideways and benefit and when not to. Getting that right has a big impact on how effective and resilient you are. As competitive beings, many of us want to keep up with others, but by…

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Set for success

March 15, 2016

Decisions have been made, you know what you want and the stage is set for success. Or is it? Deciding what you want and setting goals is often a step taken. For many, however, the goals set are never realised. I believe there is a more effective way to commit to a life that rocks…

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Courage is the fuel

March 7, 2016

Self-doubt is common, but not helpful. When it shows up in our thoughts it overpowers our beliefs and makes us a non-believer. When the inevitable tough time arrives we often can’t see how it is possible to move forward. Fear and doubt keep us stuck in a rut. There are fears and doubts we speak…

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