Praise for Christina



Christina breathed new life into my audience and my business.

I have known Christina for over 10 years both as a friend and business collaborator. Her business savvy, intuitive insights and resilience are unparalleled in the consulting industry. 

We teach dance studio owners how to run a successful business, but after COVID many of them were feeling burnt out and unmotivated. So I invited Christina to lead our audience of over 11,000 dance studio owners through her Mojo Program, and it was a huge success. 

Not only did our audience get their “Mojo” back and permission to start focusing on themselves again, but they were MORE engaged, more willing to raise their hand and more eager to participate in our trainings and programs than ever before! As business owners, we all know how an engaged audience leads to increased profitability. 

She poured her heart and soul into the program and they loved her! It was a major success and exactly what our audience needed to get back in the game.

Clint Salter

CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association

Christina is one of those unique individuals who challenges and disrupts thinking.

She inspires change and truly walks the talk. An engaged speaker who motivates intelligent thinking and action, Christina’s passion and willingness to share her thought leadership is evident in all she undertakes.

Janine Garner

Business Growth Expert & Best Selling Author
CJ - Testimonials_Janine Garner

Christina is a brilliant thought leader in her own right, with world class thinking around conviction, belief and commercial conversations.

My highest personal value is integrity, and that is something that I admire in Christina. She does what she says she will do, but more than that, she stays true to her personal values no matter what. With 25 years expertise in the real estate industry she’s undoubtedly one of Australia’s top real estate thought leaders. I recommend Christina completely, and have sent many people her way.

Peter Cook

Best Selling Author of 7 books including Implement!

I manage a team of 10 and also personally made $2 million in GCI (Gross Commission Income) last year!

I appointed Christina as my advisor over 9 years ago – I was a real estate agent writing $300,000 GCI (Gross Commission Income), with little work life balance and feeling constantly overwhelmed. Today, I’m the Sales Manager of an award winning team of 10, personally achieving $2,000,000 in GCI last year, all while being a loving partner and a mum of 2 young kids. Working with Christina has been the biggest changer of my life and career.

Tara Torkkola

Sales Manager and Sales Agent, Byron Bay First National
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Ben Price V02_1

I’m enjoying more time with my family.

I first started working with Christina in 2013. I was a successful agent but had always struggled to build a team and was burning out. Christina helped me put in place and execute a plan that would see me develop a team whilst also allowing for time and energy around the things that are important to me outside of my real estate office.

With Christina in my corner today I am enjoying the financial freedom of a super profitable business with a team of 23, who have experienced Christina’s incredible 8 x session Team Mojo Program.

Ben Price

Leader of Caloundra City Realty, Team Mojo Principal

Working with Christina has been an amazing journey for me.

Learning that the first sale is to myself has helped me realise how important my health, wellbeing and relationships are.

Shula Kentwell

Head of Training at Real Estate Institute of New South Wales
CJ - Testimonials_Shula Kentwell
CJ - Testimonials_Blythe Rowe

Christina is one amazing woman!

Not only is she hugely successful commercially, she has it all going on – gorgeous inside and out. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to execute and deliver – she is very process and outcome driven. I have learnt a lot from Christina about the importance of process as well as being relentless if I want to achieve even more success.

Blythe Rowe

Director, Blythe Rowe PTY LTD

Christina's support has been pivotal to my growth as a Thought Leader. Her impact is life changing!

Christina has that remarkable ability to disarmingly get you to where you know you need to be, but haven't been brave enough to step forward and embrace it. Coming from a positive place of care, support and commitment, Christina will hold you accountable, challenge your thinking and build on the strengths you have been hiding. Christina's support has been instrumental in the growth of not only my practice, but my personal growth as a Leader and influencer.

Garie Dooley

High Performance Teams Speaker, Author
& Facilitator and Author of Phenomenal Teams
CJ - Testimonials_Garie Dooley
CJ - Testimonials_Rosemary Simone

For once in my life I have a clear vision and I am in control.

In just a few months I can honestly say Christina has changed my life. When I first came to her I was confused on which direction I should be going in. I was being pulled in so many different ways; my business, my personal finances and my family. I now have regained a passion and vision for writing my book and helping people. Christina made me realise the importance of my position in the business and “How To Have It All” – family, business and my own personal journey.

Rosemary Simone

Businesss Builder at Simone Homes, More Mojo Member

How To Have It All shows you how to decide what you really want, take charge of your life, and persist until you succeed!

Brian Tracy

Success Expert & author of 55 books
CJ - Testimonials_Brian Tracy
CJ - Testimonials_Michele Reid

When I met Christina, I was extremely overwhelmed and had no idea on how to lead a team - with her mentoring and coaching, I turned my life around.

My team became some of the top performing agents in Hervey Bay. Being a business owner and running a large team is extremely rewarding but very exhausting as well. It is especially important to have a work life balance and Christina is the master of living what she teaches.

Michele Reid

Principal, Harcourts Hervey Bay

Christina’s positivity and clarity is a vitamin tablet you wish you could swallow every morning.

I’m excited every time I have the opportunity to work with Christina as I know by the end of the day I’ll be able to jump that little bit higher.

Mike Campbell

Marketing Strategist
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CJ - Testimonials_Bronwyn Lambert


I have done several personal development workshops in the past and nothing has challenged me more than Christina’s programs. I have quit sugar and started moving again with a second round of kinesiology. My heart is full and my body is more energised. This was the wakeup call I needed. Her sincere and compassionate nature brings out those lightbulb moments that we all need to help us to move forward and shine.

Bronwyn Lambert

More Mojo Member

Christina has saved me so much time & money by sharing her own mistakes generously.

Christina is so generous with her time and comfortable sharing her vulnerability.  She has learned so much in her 25+ years of experience and it shows! I love her willingness to teach you everything that she knows and she stops you from making the same mistakes that she has made - so she’s actually saved me so much time and so much money. I give her my ideas and she says “You know, I’ve actually done this and this is why it didn’t work.” That alone is so helpful and why I find her so incredible and inspirational. If you’re in a place where you’re struggling with where you’re at in life or in your business, she helps you to start to unpack that and get positive results for the better.

Tracy Mathers

Business Mentor/Coach at Tracey Mathers PTY LTD
Tracey Mathers
CJ - Testimonials_Ronel Schodt

Thank you for unlocking our potential and holding us accountable.

I try to live by these words, we have to be the best of ourselves, be the best for others to see, we first have to love ourselves before people can love us and see the love radiating from us. We need to open our hearts, breath in life and live full of joy, peace and with gratitude.

Ronel Schodt

More Mojo Member

Christina helped me increase my profit by 100% in 12 months, while living a life true to my values.

Working with Christina as my mentor has enriched my life in ways that I did not think possible. She has an amazing ability to guide, motivate, inspire and encourage and has helped me achieve commercial success.

Jean Brown

Jean Brown Properties
CJ - Testimonials_Jean Brown
CJ - Testimonials_Ryan Houston

I’ve never grown so much as a human as much as I have in the last 6 months and a large part of that is having a personal coach. Thank you.

Ryan Houston

Licenced Real Estate Agent
CJ - Testimonials_Sandra Larkin

Christina has helped double my income.

I’ve been working with Christina for 18 months and I keep reinvesting because her program has proven results. She has helped double my income and helped me create and sustain my balanced lifestyle.

Sandra Larkin

more mojo member
CJ - Testimonials_Ann Marie Rice

Wonderful, inspiring and thought provoking.

Christina’s mantra, “When you work from the heart, great things happen” really says it all. Christina’s presentation set such a wonderful tone for the conference. Her interviews made me laugh and cry. I feel nourished on every level. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anne-Marie Rice

Director of Rice Mediations
CJ - Testimonials_Darren Hill

Christina Joy is a force of nature!

I recently watched her deliver an opening keynote about balancing achievement and fulfilment; she delivered with high energy and complete conviction. Not only was Christina remarkably generous with her audience, she was the ultimate professional and easy to work with in all aspects of the engagement.

Darren Hill

Behavioural Scientist and CoFounder of Pragmatic Thinking
CJ - Testimonials_Lisa Barber

When I shared my vision with her, she completely got it.

She had my back 100% of the way and I was able to achieve so much more than I ever thought was possible. She’s amazing!

Lisa Barber

Private Wealth Adviser and Author of A Woman’s Guide to Wealth
CJ - Testimonials_Paige McNeil

I lost 8kgs (17.5 lbs), I sleep better, I am healthier,

fitter, stronger and less stressed. My relationships have strengthened and I have clarity around my goals.

Paige McNeil

More Mojo Member

I like myself!

My mindset has changed considerably since I started working with Christina. I’ve aligned all of my values which is something that in the past I’d never considered. The difference between me now and me 12 months ago is amazing.

Annie Abra

More Mojo Member
CJ - Testimonials_Bev


I also made a choice many years ago that I would only participate in professional learning from the best of the best. I have moved from being a woman who was walked over to an assertive and confident woman. That's why I choose Christina.

Bev Maney

More Mojo Member
CJ - Testimonials_Ben Kingsberry

Our team completed their 8-session Team MOJO training with Christina Joy and we're so grateful

to have had her as a regular part of our team over the last 8 months! The importance of mental wellness and productivity within our team cannot be understated, and with Christina’s focus on life perspective alongside our day to day roles in the business, it’s been a fantastic program! Thanks Christina and we look forward to having you back in the future.

Ben Kingsberry

Principal Harcourts Kingsberry, Townsville

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