Month: February 2018

Be the real deal!

February 27, 2018

Being authentic is a very attractive quality but sharing our true selves can leave us feeling exposed. It takes commitment and courage to be genuine. My advice is to embrace your uniqueness, take a risk, stand out and be the real deal! Why do we hide? For some, it’s easier, safer and more comfortable to…

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Mirror mirror on the wall

February 19, 2018

Our relationships are a reflection of who we are – our attitude, values and decisions. Those we choose to surround ourselves with have a significant influence on our life. That being the case a great question to ask (and ask often) is “am I surrounded by those who reflect the best possible me?” According to…

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Compare NOT!

February 13, 2018

To compare can sometimes motivate, but more often it distracts us from focusing on what really matters. It’s rarely helpful to look sideways at what others might have or be doing. My advice is – STOP Comparing! Kylie, a 31 year-old mother of three children under the age of three, is non-stop all day long! She loves…

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Do all that matters

February 8, 2018

Time and energy are two of our most valuable resources. But it is not the time we have; it is what we do with our time that counts. Even if our days were 36 hours long many would still be feeling busy and stressed. When we respect time and learn how to use our time effectively we…

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