Month: August 2021

The best advice

August 31, 2021

There’s no shortage of advice out there, on how to do things cheaper, faster and more effectively. But often our own experiences and expertise provides many of the answers and when we learn these lessons fulfillment comes easily. Over the last 25 years as a mum & business owner the three points below have become my…

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Be dependable

August 24, 2021

One of the major components to success is our ability to deliver on the promises we make – to do what we said we were going to. A good question to ask yourself – when you say you will do something do you deliver on that promise? And, do you deliver it when you said you…

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Sustainable solutions

August 18, 2021

Each event in life has the possibility of sustaining or draining us. And although there are many factors that affect our well being our emotions are good barometers of how we are going. When emotions appear – take notice, ask questions and see what is behind the emotion. When we are feeling optimistic, enthusiastic and achieving, we have…

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Find solutions

August 11, 2021

The highly stimulated state we exist in is causing increased stress – no arguments there! Constant noise is not good for our well-being. What percentage of your day is in silence? There are therapeutic benefits and solutions in being still and quiet. The World Health Organization reports that workers who are stressed are also more likely to…

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The company we keep

August 3, 2021

Research shows you can influence your level of motivation. That’s important as motivation greatly determines how we act and our actions determine the life we enjoy. A crucial factor that contributes to our motivation is the company we keep. What motivates you? What gives you that get up and go – the drive, the energy, the stamina and…

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