Month: March 2020

Hang with those who get it

March 31, 2020

Have you ever had someone that, no matter how badly you have behaved, has just stood up for the best part of you? How fiercely loyal to them do you become? I call these people your True Believer friends. Because sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves — you know those moments of doubt. True Believer…

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Go deeper – go where others won’t

March 24, 2020

You would be surprised at how big an impact you can make by just caring for people on a deeper level and having compassion for them. Here is my tip to those in business. Save money on fancy, far reaching, expensive, self-promoting marketing campaigns and start connecting with people on a level where others won’t.…

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The life we want

March 17, 2020

The current environment is offering challenges and it means there is attention on staying safe. That’s smart. However, being safe does not mean we settle. There is an opportunity to take a risk – to ask the tough questions about what you really want, to change the game, to live by our values and maybe…

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Tipping points to transformation

March 10, 2020

A tipping point is defined as an issue or a series of changes that becomes significant enough and crosses a critical point to cause a larger impact or change. Many in their lives will escape these critical points and remain constant without much change. For some though, these tipping points, although often painful, create the…

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Sustain your mojo!

March 3, 2020

Success is about being smart and dedicating time for not just work, but play and rest-time. We want to have fun — but not at the expense of our results. And we don’t want to work at the expense of our fun. Equally, without rest neither work nor play can be sustained long term. Our mojo…

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