Month: May 2016

Having it all

May 31, 2016

Is it really possible to have it all? There are many challenges if having it all is the choice you make. It is interesting to consider exactly what each individual decides having it all is. Having it all may sound like a ridiculously high aim. At times in our lives this possibility could appear close,…

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Three life lessons

May 24, 2016

Lesson 1: Look after yourself Being a True Believer takes self-respect. Rather than putting yourself second or third or even last because you “don’t have time”, True Believers know that they have to invest in themselves. With all life’s demands we are often at the bottom of the list, which causes increasing stress, not only…

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Relationships that matter

May 16, 2016

There’s no denying that there are many components to creating successful relationships. At the top of the list lies our ability to communicate well, but also important is to communicate regularly. True Believers strive towards meaningful relationships that matter. Successful relationships, those that are sustainable, are built on: • quality • frequency • consistency. Without…

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Culture matters

May 9, 2016

Culture most certainly does matter when it comes to both our work and our outside work life. Great tribes have great culture. A tribe of True Believers can turn the culture around in our: • homes • schools • colleges and universities • neighbourhoods • companies • communities. What makes a successful tribe? Zappos, an…

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From non-believer to True Believer

May 2, 2016

Those who were once non-believers can go forward to leave wonderful ripples, when they identify the non-believer in themselves and work on that first. I have much passion, compassion and expertise in helping others find their inner strength — to believe in themselves to walk forward with courage, with self-love and unconditional love for others.…

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