Month: April 2016

Facing fear and tipping points

April 25, 2016

An issue or a series of changes that become significant enough to cause a large impact defines a tipping point. Many will escape these critical points and remain content without much change. For some, these tipping points, although often painful, can create the greatest transformations. Think about the events throughout your life that have had…

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Stay out of drama

April 19, 2016

Being in drama about what has gone on in the past can prevent you from moving forward. Being in drama uses up time and energy and can also prevent the growth required. By staying out of drama we can increase our productivity in a massive way — giving us many more effective hours in our…

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Pave a clear path

April 11, 2016

De-cluttering is an essential productivity tool. Remove the clutter so that you can see the path ahead. Live with clutter and you live with obstacles. Highly productive people de-clutter quickly emotionally, psychologically and physically. It’s time to pave the way to success by spring-cleaning the clutter in your life. When heading in a valued direction,…

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Commit to taking responsibility

April 4, 2016

The power of personal promise and commitment are the foundations of fulfilment. When we learn to reject our excuses we then commit to a life that rocks! There are three parts to commitment: 1. Responsibility — no excuses 2. Clarity — clear focus 3. Productivity — do what matters It’s the responsibility piece we have…

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