Month: September 2015

Move up the growth ladder

September 28, 2015

Dr Carol Dweck’s work on growth and fixed mindsets shows that those who have a fixed mindset settle for a life they think they’re stuck in. Those with a growth mindset understand that every day is a new beginning and an opportunity for new learning. Although we can sometimes find ourselves at the bottom of…

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Overcoming tough times

September 22, 2015

We all have our share of tough times. Why is it that when the going gets tough the tough get going? On the other side of the tough stuff there can be amazing growth and outcomes. There are many stories of True Believers who have created their own success masterpiece in spite of setbacks. We…

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Persist after setbacks

September 15, 2015

Once we have experienced a setback we have to let go of what has happened in order to move forward — we have to expire the old stuff and persist. When with clients I will often identify the setbacks of their past — ones that have become repeated stories. The setback has stayed with them…

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Undress ambition

September 7, 2015

Not everyone feels comfortable declaring his or her success or ambitions. But declaring ambition is a key factor in overcoming blocks to success. And when you are in the business of solving others’ problems and making their lives better a declaration is a perfect way to amplify your intentions, get known and fast track success.…

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Take courageous action

September 1, 2015

While decisions are the starting point, we often need courage to act, to persist and to finish. Courage comes when the decision and desire to change triumphs over our debilitating fears. High achievers know this secret and make decisions, take action and create amazing outcomes, in spite of their fears. Courage requires you to first…

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