Month: May 2015

The non-believer in you

May 25, 2015

When self-doubt shows up in our thoughts it can overpower our beliefs and we become a non-believer. Sometimes we don’t realise that we have become riddled with doubt and that we are preventing our own success and that of those around us. Being a non-believer does not have to be a permanent state. But in…

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How to be a True Believer

May 18, 2015

Many wish their dreams would come true – imagining what their life could be. True Believers don’t wish – they turn dreams into reality by igniting the three superpowers for success – belief, conviction and commitment. Belief The starting line: get in the game. As we begin the marathon that is our life, we are…

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Failure is feedback

May 11, 2015

Any journey to success is about progress. But our progress relies heavily on the way we react to failure. It’s all about what you learn from your failures that matters. Our failure becomes vital feedback for our future success. When we accept that failure is a necessary part of improvement, you learn to be okay…

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The excuse addiction

May 4, 2015

Excuses can come in different forms. We can express them verbally, we can think them, or we can adopt behaviours such as addictions. Disguising problems and numbing the pain is really making an excuse for not finding a solution. I cringe at excuses because excuses mean that we are essentially not taking responsibility for our…

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