Month: August 2013

Ready Aim – DRAMA!

August 27, 2013

If getting things done that matter is the path to a full and rich life, getting stuck in drama may be the hard road to a dead end. We waste a lot of time and energy being in DRAMA and it is one of the biggest productivity killers! Life is a juggle however those who…

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Number One Priority!

August 20, 2013

Our health, both physical and mental, has a big influence on our fulfilment. In good health we can live the life we want, for as long as possible. But it’s often not until our health fails us that we really appreciate what’s at stake and then give our health the respect it deserves. Good health,…

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STOP The Masquerade!

August 13, 2013

Numbing our psychological pain protects us from feeling hurt. Although in the short term this cover-up provides some relief, in the long run the effects of anaesthetising what’s really going on can be harmful. Fear is often the reason for the masquerade – disguising problems and preventing us from finding solutions. For a better life –…

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Success May Look Easy

August 6, 2013

High achievers can make success look easy. But we know that success is NOT always easy to come by and takes discipline and commitment. There is often an interesting back story to someone’s success that involves a lot of hard work! While it may look easy to the onlooker there is rarely an easy road to success. Ask anyone…

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