Month: May 2013

Wishing Is Waiting!

May 28, 2013

We sometimes wish for a better life and that our current reality was different and hope that someday things might change. Problems can arise when our wishing becomes a habit of inaction that keeps us in a fantasy land. So don’t wait for past wishes to be granted – those who wish wait longer than…

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STOP The Cover-up!

May 20, 2013

There’s a major cover-up going on – in homes, workplaces and communities. Our standard of living is going up but, for many, the quality of life is going down. On the treadmill of life, it is often easier and quicker to look for short-term fixes to find relief and numb the pain and cover up…

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Take A Courageous LEAP!

May 14, 2013

While decisions are the starting point, we often need courage to act, to persist and to finish. Courage comes when the decision and desire to change triumphs over our debilitating fears. High achievers know this secret and make decisions, take action and create amazing outcomes in spite of their fears. Courage is the gateway to…

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Invest In Personal Effectiveness

May 7, 2013

There is a direct link between our own personal effectiveness and our level of success. There is also a direct relationship between the personal effectiveness of a leader, their people and the success, profitability and sustainability of their business or organisation. When we measure success in business we often look at these areas: * Happy…

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