Month: March 2013

Patterns Worth Repeating!

March 26, 2013

We all have patterns of behaviour – some serve us and some don’t. Sometimes our patterns can lead us away from fulfilment. The solution is to ramp up those behaviour patterns that help us and sever those that don’t! First Step: Awareness    We can get so caught up in the day that we exist…

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Every Minute Counts!

March 19, 2013

The most common reason we give for not getting things done is…I don’t have time. The moment we give a reason we give justification for why we think, say or do what we do, hindering the opportunity for change. When we stop giving reasons and start taking responsibility in every minute and every moment –…

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Make a decision to thrive

March 12, 2013

Our environment can adversely influence our performance and engagement in life. When something is not serving us and we cannot remove it or ourselves it’s time to limit your exposure! Thrive or languish?
  In a poor environment, why do some thrive while others languish? Previously as a leader of a highly profitable real estate office…

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Discover Your BIG Purpose!

March 5, 2013

All day we get things done, cross off the to do list – to be repeated the next day. But have you ever thought about those who turn up daily with unusually high amounts of energy, optimism, self-discipline, persistence and often courage? These people think, talk, walk and act differently – they have conviction. Their…

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