Month: September 2012

Lean The Ladder On The Right Wall!

September 25, 2012

There are so many stories of people climbing the ladder of success. I’ve been in business nearly 20 years – highly successful in my industry, personally productive, with highly productive and profitable teams. I’ve always been obsessed with productivity! Being productive was a necessity – for me, my family and as a business leader. In…

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Awareness – What’s really going on?

September 18, 2012

What’s beneath the stage make up? Who do you think has it all? Some people look like they have it all, but when you get to the back-story you realise that they haven’t. It looks like their marriage rocks and their kids are perfectly balanced, they appear to have heaps of money, flashy houses and cars but…

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Wishing To Having

September 11, 2012

I believe we all have a lot in common. We basically want similar things from our lives: peace of mind, good health, meaningful and loving relationships, recognition for what we do, and financial freedom so we can have more choices. But this is where the similarity stops! People then divide into two groups: 1. Group Wishing: People who…

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No better investment than you

September 6, 2012

Rather than putting yourself second or third or even last because you “don’t have time, ” learn to live effective minutes before you run out of time. Choose short-term effort over a lifetime of pressure. Does this sound familiar? I’m working longer and longer hours with mediocre results. I run all day long then collapse exhausted into bed…

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